Mental Health Task Force of Burnett County

Our Mission

The Mental Health Task Force of Burnett County (MHTFBC) is committed to implementing and maintaining sustainable suicide prevention programming with an emphasis on youth suicide prevention efforts. We are a community-based group of concerned Burnett County residents from all walks of life, seeking to prevent the tragedy of suicide among us.

“Preventing suicide is everyone’s business”

-Regina Benjamin, M.D., US Surgeon General


Suicide Information…

  • Every 14 minutes a suicide occurs in U.S. Over 4,500 young people (15-24 years) commit suicide annually – one every two hours. Suicides outnumber homicides in the U.S. 5 to 3 – in WI 4 to 1.
  • Firearms are the most common and lethal method of suicide. Estimated 22 veterans commit suicide daily in the U.S. Alcohol is involved in 1/3 of all suicides.
  • Adolescent suicide has increased over 400% in the past 30 years.
  • Most suicidal people do not want to die – they want the pain to end.

Talking openly, directly, and without judgment about suicide is prevention. Almost everyone who commits or attempts suicide has given some warning. Do NOT ignore suicide threats.

Suicide Impact in Burnett County…

  • Ranks among the highest in the number of suicide deaths in Western WI, state of WI, and the US.
  • Over 50 completed suicides since 1995.
  • Risk factors: rural environment, high alcohol consumption, limited treatment resources, and greater access to lethal means. Burnett County


  • 14.5% seriously thought about committing suicide in 2012.
  • 7.5% attempted suicide in 2012 – half of the youth who thought about it, tried it.
  • These numbers are HIGHER than the average Wisconsin teenager.

24 Hour Burnett County Mental Health Crisis Line:


For more information regarding the MHTFBC or get involved, please contact:
Burnett County Department of Health and Human Services
Phone: (715) 349-7600
Fax: (715) 349-2140

Get Involved

  • Know the warning signs of suicide Learn “Question, Persuade, Refer”
  • Always take thoughts or plans of suicide seriously
  • Never keep a suicide plan a secret
  • Hang a mental health crisis line poster
  • Join the MHTFBC or check out our initiatives


  • Suicide gatekeeper training – Question, Persuade, Refer (QPR)
  • Awareness campaign about local
  • Mental Health Crisis Services
  • Community education on suicide and suicide prevention