Remember being a grade school kid and how much you looked forward to summer vacation? Don’t let that carefree feeling on soaking up the summer days escape you. Celebrate summer while feeling like a kid again. Here are 10 ways to stay cool and feel young:

  1. Set up the sprinkler or the Slip N Slide. Either way, get into your swimsuit and let loose like one of the kids.
  2. Start a water fight. Fill up bunches of water balloons and put in a large storage container for easy access. Make it more competitive by hiding water balloons around the yard like you would Easter eggs and split into teams, or make it every man for himself.
  3. Popsicles. This delightful frozen treat has fewer calories than ice cream and tastes so refreshing on a hot day. Get some from the frozen foods aisle of your grocery store, or make them yourself using a home Popsicle maker and a variety of 100% juices.
  4. Chill out. Put a spray bottle with water or a bottle of lotion in the refrigerator. If you’re getting a little heated, apply some of the chilled liquid and feel instant relief.
  5. Dine outside. Find a shady spot and set up a picnic of cool foods like watermelon, cold chicken, cherry tomatoes and maybe a pasta salad.
  6. Quench your thirst. Indulge in some of those mouth watering drinks you may not let yourself have often. Have some fresh squeezed lemonade or an Italian soda.
  7. Play video games such as the Wii. If it’s really a scorcher out there, stay inside and turn on the gaming system. Play some active games and you’ll be having fun before you know it.
  8. Check out a flick. Either go to the movies or have an at-home movie day with some all time children’s classics. As long as there’s air-conditioning and chilled snacks, it’s a great way to stay cool and enjoy a day off.
  9. Head to the beach. Slather on that sunscreen, grab your beach towel and head to the beach for some sun, sand and splashing around.
  10. Take a ride on a slide. Get in the air-conditioned car and drive to the nearest water park for a day filled with water coasters, wave pools and lazy rivers.


Submitted by: Megan Swenson, Certified Wellness Coach, St. Croix Regional Medical Center

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