According to traditional Chinese medicine, enhancing life energy (Qi) in the appropriate acupuncture meridians (energy channels) will improve diabetes. There are many forms of tai chi, and Webster Wellness is pleased to offer a program specifically designed by medical and tai chi experts to focus on health issues and benefits for people with diabetes.

It’s common knowledge that diet and exercise are the cornerstones of diabetes management, but studies have also shown tai chi to have beneficial effects on cardio-respiration fitness, muscular strength, balance, peripheral circulation, reduced tension, and anxiety.

With all forms of Tai Chi, there are essential principles included:

  • Mind integrated with the body
  • Fluidity of the movements
  • Control of breathing
  • Mental concentration

The forms used in Tai Chi for diabetes are similar to the forms used for moving for better balance, however, the choreography is different.  There are certain forms that have been shown to be more effective when it comes to diabetes. One of these forms is called playing with the clouds and is repeated four times in tai chi for diabetes instead of just twice in moving for better balance.

There are 19 movements in the tai chi for diabetes program including the opening and closing movements, as well as the transition moves between each movement.  The movements are slow and gentle and the degree of exertion can be easily adjusted thus making it suitable for people of all levels and abilities.

The Tai Chi for Health Series developed by Dr. Paul Lam and associates has modified the Sun and Yang styles forms from their larger movements to address the different issues in a range of chronic conditions to address the special needs of each condition. While the movements are similar, the choreography is different and certain movements are repeated.

For more information on Tai Chi for Diabetes, contact Don Ross at or 715-520-8121.

Classes at Webster Wellness are held:

Mondays 9-10:30 am

Thursdays 9-10:30 am

April 1st– June 30th